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Pod Słońcem - Restauracja i Kawiarnia Gehanowska

31-013 Kraków
Rynek Główny 43
tel. 12 422 93 78, wewnętrzny 16/17
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The restaurant is situated in monumental medieval basements in the Kraków Main Square, overlooked by a huge sun image made of stone. Mr. Sun, in form of a masterly stone sculpture shines onto the guests eating in this popular restaurant. Friendly personnel serve good food to crowds of both local clientele and tourists. Everyone will find here something for himself, from lunch with a joyful bunch of friends and at a decent price, to refined dinner with candle lights and excellent wine. The restaurant is open from noon to midnight. In summer the restaurant is air conditioned and in winter it has a fireplace, it will satisfy any customer's taste. The entire space is a combination of restaurant and a pub, where climate, music, and most of all - traditional Polish cuisine - create a cameral atmosphere. On the ground floor there is an elegant and nostalgic café, willingly visited by celebrities. Gigantic window opens a kaleidoscope-like view to the Kraków Main Square. Café opens already at 8 in the morning, when good coffee and tasty breakfast specials are served. In summer we will welcome you in one of the most popular beer gardens in the Main Square. We also organize special events (in our premises up to 80 people) and catering services outside our premises for up to 100 people.


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Kawiarnia Gehanowska - Wnętrze  


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